How Commissions Work

When you commission a painting, I help create a special piece just for you. I can help with photos, pets, people, places, specific ideas etc. 

First, you will need to contact me and we can discuss all the tiny details. The link for that is here.
Second, depending on the project, I may need a deposit and we will discuss that. 
Third, I will send you a photo of the sketch to make sure it is exactly how you want it. Then after the magic happens you will get a final picture before I separate it from my watercolor board, just in case you have any changes, and if so, a completely done photo before it goes in the mail via USPS.
Fourth, I mail it AFTER complete payment. (I can also deliver in a 45 mile radius).
shipping takes about 3-7 days and a tracking number will be provided. 
I currently do not ship for free outside of the United States, talk to me if you live in another country and we can talk about shipping.  

Here is my link to contact me! 

Lets chat!

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