About Your Artist!

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Hello! It's me, your watercolor artist, Kimber. I'm 33 years old and I live in Cedar City, Utah with my husband and our 2 dogs. I've been artistic all of my life except in my early to mid-twenties, I hardly even doodled. Then at 29 and living in the Mojave Desert for 8 months, sparked something and I haven't slowed down since! I've always preferred watercolor or acrylic but am always looking for opportunities to try new things! Currently I enjoy watercolor, cross stitching/embroidery, acrylic on figurines, painting rocks, digital art, photo restoration and window painting. When I'm not painting I'm usually working part time, trying new recipes, catching up with my dogs or thinking of what I should be doing.

To contact me for questions, commissions, murals, digital or photo restoration, click here: https://twofullmoonsart.com/pages/contact-us